Being of Service

There are many ways of being in service in AA. Meeting commitments, sponsoring newcomers, H&I Panels and of course General Service to name a few.

General Service

General Service meetings occur at 7:00p.m. on the first Wednesday of the month. It is there that we organize committee's, plan events and vote. It's a great way to play your part in making sure the hand of A.A. will always be there.

District 04 business meetings are currently virtual.  For Zoom identification number and password information, please contact the District Secretary at

The primary purpose of this website is to assist alcoholics in recovery to utilize and participate in the various service committees which are designed to help reach the alcoholic who still suffers.

Each committee has a chairperson. Each chairperson is a sober member of Alcoholics Anonymous. it is suggested that a chair has four years of sobriety. It is also suggested that you have two years sober to participate in general service, however that is only a suggestion. if your group has selected you to be at GSR, then they have the confidence that you’ll be able to fulfill your two year commitment position and represent your group’s conscience.

District 4 Website

The district 4 website committee is always looking for volunteers and contributors. If you are interested in contributing to this website, please use the contact page and give us your contact information.