GSR School Committee, Panel 72

Panel 72 Chair: Gregory J.

GSR School orientation for new GSR’s is the last Wednesday of every month at 7 PM.

Zoom ID: 303 162 5518 Passcode: ID 285544

Conduct a brief orientation for new GSRs one half-hour prior to the District GSR meeting (or at another agreed-upon time) and encourage them to attend the Area GSR School.

Participate as a member of the Area GSR School Committee.

Introduce new GSRs during the District Committee meeting.

Provide new GSRs with a copy of the “District 4 Guidelines,” “The A. A. Service Manual” pamphlets, and other General Service training material.

Maintain custody of GSR School material. Distribute literature, as available, to new GSRs.

Provide contribution envelopes from District 4, the Mid-Southern California Area 09, and G.S.O. to new GSRs.

GSR School Slides